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Sachets and More is a one stop shop for all your must have travel sized, minis, sachet products and accessories.Sachets of Sauce

We believe good things come in small packages, so all of our products are travel size minis and sachets perfect for holidays, festivals, home and cafes, B&B, AirBnB hosts, hotels and restaurants, gym and sports, picnics, self catering holidays and camping trips.

Whether you need, sachets of coffee for a camping trip, your favourite miniatures, mini sun tan lotion sachets for a holiday in the sun, mini deodorants for your gym bag, ponchos for the festival, or jams for your AirBnB B&B, Sachets and More has it all.

Travel Toiletries - Travel Size Anti-Perspirants and Deodorants

We stock travel size minis and sachets in so many brands, Cadburys, Nescafe, McVities, Pringles, Dove, Nivea, Lynx, Colgate, Kenco, Nutella, Dairystix, PG, Twinings, Yorkshire, Pukka, La Fresh, Bonne Maman and many many more.  Simply add your favourite minis or sachets to your basket and we will deliver them to your door.

Looking for individual teas or coffee sachets for your hotel or a ready prepared kit of saladies festival kitchets ready for your festival or a weekend away?  There is no minimum order quantity on any of our products and we will despatch your order within 2-3 working days.  See our delivery options.


Sachets and More is a family run business based in Manchester, England a brand of Impact Brands.  With our combined passion for travel, festivals, fitness and the outdoors, we understand the advantages of travel size, so we are committed to bringing you the best brands for the best solutions at competitive prices. You can also find us at drinks-snacks.comfoodSachets and More


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