Bed and Breakfast Sachets

Bed and Breakfast Sachets

Sachets and more for Bed and Breakfast

Sachets and more stocks a range of products suitable for your bed and breakfast guests.

Do you prefer to order in single portions rather than bulk?

We offer single item orders so you get what you need when you need it.

So no more wastage from expiry dates.

Help cash flow and shelf life.

We can offer a wide range of sachets, single portion, toiletries, tea, coffee, hygiene and useful cleaning options for your bed and breakfast

We stock mini brands and economy products designed to be a cost effective and match your guests expectations


Toiletries kits : Mason & Miller Toiletries Pack and Bath and Shower Sachets

Tea and Coffee Sachets : Tea & Coffee Packs

Hygiene products : Manicure Set and Vanity Set

Condiments and sachets : Heinz sachet bundle and Breakfast Spreads Jams and Honey


Bed and breakfast sachets and travel size products can be supplied and sourced to meet your budget

Cost effective singe use toiletries and individual wrapped beverage sachets are also available.

For any Bed and breakfast we are happy to customise your order and deliver at a time that is best for you.


Get in touch and let us take the stress out of ordering today.  Contact Sachets and more