• Bonne Maman Honey 30g

Bonne Maman Honey 30g


Bonne Maman Honey 30g jar

Light and floral honey individual 30g jars

Ideal for home, work, travel, hospitality, camping and festival packs.

Product Description

Bonne Maman Honey 30g

Individually package in 30g glass jars

Ideal for home, hotels, bed & breakfasts, pubs, travelling, camping and picnics

Bonne Maman also offer various flavours; Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Orange bitter marmalade.

Also see : Bonne Maman Raspberry  and Bonne Maman Strawberry

Bonne Maman honey comes in pretty ten sided glass with a blue gingham twist lid which is attractive and gives that country appeal

You could quite easily serve this jam straight from the jar on the tea table.

This French honey is a delicious floral, light honey.


Only all-natural ingredients – highlighted by the freshest, highest quality strawberries available are used.

Sachets and more can offer mini sized foods, beverages, toiletries, festival packs and accessories.

Additional Information

Weight 81 g


100% honey.