• Bonne Maman Raspberry Conserve 30g

Bonne Maman Raspberry Conserve 30g (pack of 15)


Bonne Maman Raspberry Conserve 30g mini jar (Pack of 15)

Individual jars, ideal for home, work, travel, hotels, B&B, camping and picnics.

Other flavours are available; apricot, blackcurrant, strawberry, bitter orange marmalade and honey.

(Single orders also available).


Product Description

Bonne Maman Raspberry Conserve 30g (pack of 15)

Mini sized 30g jar individually packaged.

Made with the highest quality raspberry

Bonne Maman Raspberry Conserve 30g, are perfect for home, work, hotels, restaurants, travelling, camping, festivals, and picnics

Other flavours are available; Strawberry, Apricot, Blackcurrant, Bitter Orange Marmalade and Honey.

Bonne Maman raspberry conserve comes in pretty ten sided glass with a red gingham twist lid.

You could quite easily serve this jam straight from the jar on the tea table.

Rich and delicious because they are made with only the highest quality raspberries and 100% natural ingredients.

Raspberry Preserve is incredibly smooth and easy to spread.

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Additional Information

Weight 81 g


Raspberries, sugar, brown cane sugar, concentrated lemon juice, gelling agent, fruit pectin.