• olive oil sachet

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sachet


Marconi Extra Virgin Olive Oil sachet

11 mls Extra Virigin Olive Oil sachet

Ideal for travels, self catering accommodation, hotels, cafes, picnics


Product Description

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sachet

11 mls Extra Virgin Olive Oil sachet

Single portion sachet

No large glass bottles, these single portion sachets are really convenient.

Perfect for your salad dressings, travels, picnics, hotels, self catering accommodation holidays.

Marconi 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, imported from Italy.

100% First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It’s the edible oil obtained by the mechanical extraction of naturally occurring oils from the clean, wholesome fruit of the olive tree, (olea europaea).

This produces an excellent oil having a delicious flavour intensity.

Extra virgin olive oil is low in unsaturated fats and rich in mono-saturates and is excellent for sauteing vegetables, meats and fish.

Is ideal for tomato sauces, salads, marinades and other recipes that require olive oil.

A heart healthy alternative to vegetable oil.

This extra virgin olive oil is also great as a dipping sauce for pan cooked flat breads.

Backpacking superfood – olive oil!
Olive oil is loaded with good fats that provide long-lasting energy and antioxidants.
Olive oil is also great for aching muscles and joints because it acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Additional Information

Weight 16 g


Extra virgin olive oil.