Pringles Original


1 x 40g tube of Pringles Original.

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Product Description

The love of Pringles, the potato and wheat-based snack, ┬áhas spread around the world. Sold in more than 140 countries and with packaging produced in 37 different languages Pringles has a broad choice of tantalizing flavors that work across the globe as well as unique flavors developed to please regional tastes. As the original stacked potato crisp in its unique canister packaging, Pringles has always been about fun, great taste, and bringing new ideas and flavors to the snack category. The famous double-saddle shaped Pringle crisp is actually a hyperbolic paraboloid. Once you pop you can’t stop. Pringle original flavour. Still the best?

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Weight 64 g


Dehydrated Potatoes,Vegetable Oil, Rice Flour, Wheat Starch, Maltodextrin, Emulsifier: E471, Salt