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  • Semi Skilled UHT Milk Jigger 12ml

Semi Skimmed UHT Milk Jigger


Semi Skimmed Milk Jigger 12ml

Ideal for use in Cafes, Hotels, Restaurants, Work, Camping or Festivals.

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Product Description

Semi Skimmed UHT Milk Jigger 12ml

Semi Skimmed UHT Milk Jigger single portion 12ml

However, the exact amount of milk for the perfect cup of tea – how do you gauge that?

Use a jigger.

Ideal for Hotels, Cafes, Bed & Breakfasts, Camping, Restaurants, Work place and Outdoor pursuits.

No Mess No Waste

It’s quite possibly an individual thing.

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But in a modern convenience-based society having a small, easily accessible amount of milk for your tea, in an equally small and conversely inaccessible plastic container with a foil top, is tantamount to the euphoria of actually having five minutes to yourself to enjoy said cup of tea.

So what should these little pots of milk be called?

Enter quite possibly the single-most ridiculously named measure of volume: the ‘jigger’.
As anyone who’s worked serving alcohol will tell you (or should be able to tell you – if not, don’t ask them for anything more complex than a pint of bitter), a jigger is a measuring tool for dosing out shots of liquor.

These are shaped like an hourglass (or two egg cups joined together, one slightly smaller than the other). The name comes from the larger cup which measures out 1.5 fl oz (44ml) – a ‘jigger’. The other, smaller cup measures out about 1 fl oz (30ml). There are different sized jiggers available, but all measure a larger amount and a smaller amount (for doubles or singles).

So, now that we have a name for a small measure of liquid, such as the amount of milk needed to turn a cup of tea from tasting like hot water with herbs in it into an ambrosia worthy of the gods, the second stage is putting this amount into a suitable receptacle.

The average-sized milk jigger holds on average 12ml to 14ml

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