Twinings Fruity Green Tea


  • 1 x Twinings Fruity Green Tea.
  • NB you will receive a selection of the listed teas.

Product Description

You will receive a random selection from the following flavours –

Apple & Pear

China and England have each done their bit to make tea famous; inspiring us to create a blend where east meets west. We’ve taken two English favourites, crisp apple and sweet pear and blended them together with this light tasting, golden green tea. Each cup will take you from an autumn orchard to the tea gardens of Zhejiang province in one sip.

Orange & Lotus Flower

Lotus flowers are a symbol of the sun. Their beautiful, fragrant petals unfurl each day at the break of dawn to reveal a pure and inner glow. We’ve blended hints of this delicate flower with a zesty, sun kissed orange flavour, creating a delicately refreshing oriental tea, a favourite in China.

Pineapple & Grapefruit

Many years ago, Columbus discovered the pineapple on the island of Guadaloupe and we’re glad he did. We’ve blended this refreshingly delicate green tea together with sweet, tropical pineapple and grapefruit, once know as the Jamaican Sweet Orange. It’s just right for those moments when you want to kick back and imagine yourself far, far away.

Mango & Lychee

The lychee, native to Hainan Island in southern China goes back as far as 2000BC; once a delicacy in the Chinese imperial court, it was in such demand that a special courier of horses would deliver it to the emperor. We’ve taken the flavour of this sweet, pink and white fruit and blended it together with the tropical taste of mango and our delicate, golden green tea. Take a sip and let it transport you to your own imperial court.


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