Sports Sachets

Sports Sachets

Sports sachets are brilliant for the gym, golf, athletics, outdoor activities, walking and camping and spectator sporting events.

Your gym bag could be equipped with the travel size toiletries.

Leisure centre or sports halls requiring hand outs for indoor and outdoor events.  Cater to your customer needs.


Bolero Sports drink sachets / Hydrating Sugar Free Sachets Bolero Fruit Drink Sachets

Sun screen sachets Sun Screen Sachet SPF25

Shower gel portions Bath and Shower Gel Sachets

Deodorant Wipes  Antiperspirant Wipe

Hygiene products Tush Wipes Flushable

Lynx and Nivea travel size deodorant sprays Mini Lynx Body Spray


Even when you think of sporting events or sports days at school, sunscreen sachets are perfect in your hand bag

Ideal for your sports bag and golf bag or hiking equipment, try our range of hygiene products, like the Travel John and Tush wipes and deodorant wipes.

Go on line and order your individual sachet quantities.

You can order your products on line or give us a call to discuss more options.


Order a single sachet or even bulk for your leisure facility


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